Give Your Child a Head Start!

This amazing alphabet book uses proven techniques to help your child read and write easily! Your child will use this MULTISENSORY book to SEE, HEAR, FEEL and learn how letters are made. You will learn why you should teach letter sounds before letter names! No matter what your child’s learning style you CAN teach them with ease to write and read their alphabet with this cutting edge book!

What Makes ABC Trace And Say Different?

  • Teaches correct handwriting, always starting letters at the top.
  • Emphasizes the SOUNDS of letters, instead of the names.
  • Real, tactile texture that allows the child to feel the letter beneath their finger. This creates memory through the senses.
  • Puts children ahead of the game when it comes to reading and writing. They will be able to pronounce sounds easier and write more naturally.
  • Lastly, and not least, the joy of teaching a child to read and write is immeasurable.


This book is best suited for any age pre-writing.

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