A Love of Books

When children are young and learning to read they are most influenced by their adult role models who have a love of books and enjoy reading. Sharing a book with a young child increases their vocabulary, increases their foundational knowledge of the … Read More

The Best Gift of All

We love to give our children wonderful gifts. We save up for long periods of time, we work extra jobs, and we take great pains to choose gifts that will bring a smile to their precious faces. But one of the most … Read More

The Love of Writing and Reading

One of the most rewarding jobs of a parent or a teacher is to instill in our children the love of reading and writing. As humans we are all pleasure centered beings who tend to repeat any action that brings us pleasure … Read More

2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Gold Medal Winner

We are so proud to announce that ABC Trace and Say received the Gold Medal award for early literacy/reading skills from Independent Publisher. You can see a list of the winners on their website here. Any new orders will see the new awards … Read More

Give Your Child a Head Start!

This amazing alphabet book uses proven techniques to help your child read and write easily! Your child will use this MULTISENSORY book to SEE, HEAR, FEEL and learn how letters are made. You will learn why you should teach letter sounds before … Read More