Practice and Patience Makes Perfect

Young writers can be overwhelmed and shut down when too much is handed to them at one time. Waiting until a child enters school to begin the reading and writing process can be devastating for any young child. Parents have five critical … Read More

ABC Reading and Writing

ABC Trace and Say puts children ahead of the game when it comes to reading comprehension and writing ability. They will be able to pronounce sounds easier and write more naturally. The joy of teaching a child to read and write is … Read More

Education Begins At Home

Once Albert Einstein said,” Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”  This is a powerful statement that underscores the difficulties for most children of retaining what they are taught in the school environment.  Education begins … Read More

Learning The Sounds Of Letters

Learning the sounds of your letters and what they look like is one of the first and most important steps in the early learning process. Sounds are taught first and letter names later with ABC Trace and Say. Learning to form lower … Read More

Children’s Educational Activities

There are so many educational activities that you can share with your child. But few parents would disagree that the most important activity of all, is teaching your child to read and write.  This offers them a head start before they enter … Read More

A Better Reader

Noted Educator Nora Fleming once said that reading and writing are related communication skills, linked as cognitive processes in the brain. In writing about a text, a person becomes a better reader as he or she has the means for recording, connecting, … Read More

A Multi-sensory Approach

The ABC Trace and Say Alphabet Book teaches the sounds of letters through a multi-sensory approach. Children will hear the sound and see the letters represented and then perceived the way it is written when they trace the letter with their fingers. … Read More

Before they begin their first year of school

One of the key ways to make your child a competent student is to teach reading and writing skills before they begin their first year of school. All too often schools are crowded and teachers are unable to offer each child the … Read More

Teaching Kids to Write

Teaching a young child to write with ease can be a challenge. The award-winning ABC Trace and Say Alphabet Book is designed with that in mind.  Created by an educator who understands every nuance of helping a child learn reading and writing … Read More

The Best Teachers of Children

Someone once said that parents are the first and often the best teachers of children. That is most understandable when you think that no one loves your child more than you do. We all want the best for our children. We want … Read More