Ten Tips for Reading Success

TEN TIPS FOR READING SUCCESS 1. You are the first and best teacher your child will have. Reading instruction begins at home when your child is an infant. You must read to them between the ages of 0-5. 2. Reading is the … Read More

Small Motor Skills for Successful Writers!

Building up muscles in the youngest writer’s small fingers and hands can help develop their small motor skills and create confident writers. How do we build up these muscles and encourage a good tripod grasp (ability to hold pencil correctly)? It’s easier … Read More

Learning The Sounds Of Letters

Learning the sounds of your letters and what they look like is one of the first and most important steps in the early learning process. Sounds are taught first and letter names later with ABC Trace and Say. Learning to form lower … Read More

Children’s Educational Activities

There are so many educational activities that you can share with your child. But few parents would disagree that the most important activity of all, is teaching your child to read and write.  This offers them a head start before they enter … Read More