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"Children are made readers

on the laps of their parents."


Nurturing Little Readers: A Parent's Guide To Early Education

By Karen Fernandez


This book is for parents—the first and best teachers a child has. Parents know the intimate details of their toddler’s life. What their child loves. What their child fears. Their child’s strengths and weaknesses. Parents know when a child likes to play calmly and when they are most energetic. They know when their child likes to cuddle and relax and when they want to be independent. Parents know a child’s medical concerns and any limitations or modifications that a child might need. This knowledge matters and is essential to crafting a plan of learning unique to that child. This book is for parents who want to instill a love of reading, writing, and lifelong learning in their child. 

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A multisensory book to SEE, HEAR, and FEEL how letters are made.

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ABC Trace and Say Book

By Karen Fernandez


Discover the wonders of the alphabet with "ABC Trace & Say," a tactile multisensory book designed specifically for preschoolers. This innovative book employs proven techniques to engage your child's senses, helping them see, hear, and feel each letter's formation. Learn the importance of teaching letter sounds before names, ensuring a solid foundation no matter your child's learning style.

With "ABC Trace & Say," teaching your child to read and write becomes a seamless, enjoyable experience. Unlock the potential of this cutting-edge resource and watch your child master their ABCs with confidence and ease!


What makes ABC Trace & Say different?


Teaches correct letter formation.


Emphasizes learning letter sounds before learning letter names.


Tactile texture that each child can feel as they trace the letters.


Multisensory learning - the child can see, hear and feel the letters.


Allows parents to teach correct letter formation and letter sounds while the child is actively involved.

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Karen Fernandez is a seasoned educator, accomplished author, and dedicated homeschooling mother with over 30 years of experience in teaching young readers in California. Specializing in early literacy, she is driven by her fervent belief that reading and writing should be accessible and enjoyable for all children.

Ms. Fernandez has honed her expertise with a Master’s degree in Education and certification as a Reading Recovery Teacher. Her innovative teaching methods have inspired countless children to embrace literacy with enthusiasm and confidence.

She currently resides in San Diego with her family, which includes her husband, daughter, a beloved dog, and three charming rabbits. Karen continues to advocate for educational practices that ignite a lifelong passion for reading and learning in every child.


Monda Forrestal, CA

Teacher of the Year, 2019 (PUSD), Elementary Educator

Nurturing Little Readers'' by Karen Fernandez is a go-to resource for toddler and preschool  parents. Filled with quick and practical tips, as well as research-backed insights, this book is essential reading for those passionate about nurturing young readers.


The author focuses on creating a nurturing environment where every child can flourish. From interactive read-alouds to fostering a literacy-rich home and incorporating multi-sensory activities, the strategies shared are both impactful and effective. The interactive activities build reading exposure, foster a love for reading and writing, and better prepare children for school.


‘'Nurturing Little Readers”  is more than a book; it's a roadmap for teaching foundational skills that will better prepare children for school.

Dwayne Lizar, CA

AU 648/SP4188 FAAAAudiologist/

Speech-Language Pathologist

Nurturing Little Readers'' by Karen Fernandez is

 is filled with valuable information for parents regarding the development of basic skills for young children which is evidence based and important for the development of those early learning skills which lead to competencies important for academic success.  The interactive nature of the suggested activities will assist young children in developing language and auditory processing skills necessary to the achievement of  basic abilities which lead to more advanced levels of literacy.  I heartily recommend this resource for parents of young children. 


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